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I just bought a Super 8 camera off eBay (which means it may not work). It’s a Kodak Instamatic M26. And it was $3.99. I don’t know anything about Super 8 cameras except that I love the look they produce (hence the faked 8mm look of “The Bet” on the DVD – or was it faked 16mm? either way). I checked, and they actually still make 8mm film (though I have no idea if it’s the same film this camera uses). Basically, I bought something I might not be able to use. But if I can, then, well… how awesome.

This is the first of what will (hopefully) become an arsenal of “looks,” if only to use as a reference to fake with stuff shot digitally. As I mentioned before, I’m also getting the Nikon D90 (as soon as the money comes in) and a Holga. I think I may also get a Polaroid of some sort – there are a number of instant picture cameras available.

We’ll see how this whole adventure pans out.

Would like to add some other cameras as options, like a Kodak M8 Instamatic which has auto/manual zoom and a range of frame rates. Could geek out some more. But I’ll stop.

If only I were 10 years younger and embarking on this journey.