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or maybe just america, i don’t know. it could just be vegas.
i don’t like to hate. i really don’t. i feel better as a person and have a better day when i don’t hate people. but i’m really, really starting to hate them. and for very personal reasons that would affect no one else, so you might as well stop reading now. this is just a vent. a hate vent.

i hate people who think the government should control their right to have an abortion, but not their right to have a gun. even though the second amendment is called “the right to bear arms.” it actually states “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” so, is my dad, who is a retired police officer, part of a regulated militia? he has guns.

full disclosure: i have shot guns. many guns. and i never liked it. i shot them as a kid at targets. my dad said i aimed with the wrong eye. but i had amazing aim. i went on hunting trips with my family. i refused to eat what they shot. i’m not a vegetarian, but i won’t eat food that looks like an animal. i can’t eat ribs or chicken wings, but a burger or chicken fingers are fine. my mom killed a rabbit on a fluke one hunting excursion. i remember that, and that i had fun in the camper playing with paper dolls. no i’m not gay. and i remember my aunt saying to my mom i was at an age where bed meant sleep. i was. it took a few more years before i understood what she meant. i. forget. nothing.

traffic in vegas is the worst. we have too many people from too many places with too many ways of driving. ten years ago it was shocking water cooler discussion if there was an accident on the freeway. now, it’s noteworthy if you don’t see one (and if ou’re not stuck in traffic for an hour because the looky-loos wanna see the expected gore). people treat the freeways like a raceway, jockeying for pole position. just drive on the freeway for at least 10 minutes, pick a car – any car- and count how many times they change lanes.

people are impatient. they have to be the first on the freeway while yapping on their mobile phone (i don’t doubt a starbucks over-caffeinated something-or-other is in their cup holder and their kids are zoned out on an LCD screen somewhere in the cavernous transport that sucks more gas in a day than i use in a week. but you shop at fresh & easy, so it’s okay. and you recycle your US weekly after you discover how stars are just like you.

ok. this is getting to the boiling point.

i hate the world. it hates me. it’s a dysfunctional relationship. maybe one day it won’t be this way. my only fear is that that “one day” is when i’m living off 13ยข a day and mailing bombs to people.