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After quite a bit of discussion, draft 10 of Detox is finally done. It is not yet the final final final draft, however it is the draft going to the first contest. There are few minor points to noodle. This is the draft we are going to let people read and get feedback on. This is the draft that will be copyrighted. This is the draft that will be going out to contests and festivals.

There will definitely be a draft 11, but it won’t happen without some outside feedback.

So far it has gone to two people, Kurt Rauf and Dan Kauppi – I respect both of their opinions. There are already little bits I could put in, but I don’t want to do anything until I have some sort of “this needs this” or “that needs that” – otherwise it’s just clogging the script.

I think it’s pretty damn tight. And I would be 100% confident taking it into production. I know that, once cast, the actors wil have some input – and I am 100% ready to listen and put that input into the final film. Watching Zak Forsman’s “I Fucking Hate You” and listening to how the scripts he “writes” are very much just stories that the actors improvise the dialogue and some of the action, I am very much intrigued and interested in attempting something similar – though on a slightly more controlled level. I think I could handle directed an improvised short, but a feature… I might go insane. I’m not a control freak, but… well, okay, I’m not kidding anyone. I am a control. Hello, My name is Michael Dunn and I am a control freak. I don’t have an issue with it. Do you?

Anyway. Now that we have a “final” draft, we are going to submit to a couple of contests and see how that goes. Get some feedback from friends in the industry and see where we can improve it. This is PHASE ONE.

In a few months, if nothing has come of PHASE ONE, we will enter PHASE TWO. That’s where we try to get a name actor attached to the script and take it from being a script and making it a PACKAGE.

If we still can’t get financing (which, really, is $1 million THAT much to ask?!?) we’ll enter PHASE THREE. That’s where we sell internal organs and fluids to raise the cash to fund it ourselves.

Stay tuned.