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I need to find a decent camera. For the past week I’ve been drooling over the Nikon D90 because it records HD video at 24p and (since it’s a DSLR) has interchangeable lenses. And for $1299 (with the stock zoom lens) it’s pretty damn affordable. BUT I am not liking the rolling shutter. I could get a decent camcorder for around $2-3K, but no interchangeable lenses, and I don’t want to deal with a 35mm adapter. So, not really sure what to do. Part of me really wants the D90, despite its issues, just to have a good still camera. Ugh.

Second: I realised I have work emails saved from back when I started here (early 2001) and was going through them. On January 13, 2003 there was an exchange between Scott Wizell and myself about his new website. Nothing major. But the next saved email I have is from January 28, two weeks later. That’s the email that let everyone know Scott had died from a heart attack while skiing. Funny that I discovered this while looking for a camera. Scott was a great photographer and part of the reason I started looking into getting a decent one. I indirectly inspired him to pursue photography, and my constant thoughts of him (and wanting to shoot more film stuff) have led me along the same path.

I name all my gadgets (my computer is Edgar [an Electric Dreams reference], my laptop is Edgar Jr., my phone is Clank [from Ratchet and Clank]) so maybe it’s fitting I name the camera I end up getting after Scott. Though that might be weird, ha!