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Okay, calling my own bullshit. I covet damn near everything. But this I am just absolutely insane over. Like, I would trade one of my kids (the bad one) for it. Okay, not really. But damn near close. This is like the uber-cute, snuggly version of the one I sold in a garage sale too many years ago. This is, like, unbelievable. As is my need to have it. Yes, it costs about 2 festival submissions. Yes, it costs about 3 DVD’s. Yes, I have NO money right now. But fuck, i WAAANNNT this.

And on the subject, I should probably just have a default to buy any and every Kubrick ever released. Like an auto-buy. It’s released; I buy. I don’t even have to know it exists until it shows up in the mail. damn, i wish i was a gansta. or at least had some disposable income. Hmmm, if I sold about 10 DVD’s of “The Bet” I could SO afford it. C’mon people. Buy this for me.

Oh yeah, click for the make big.