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First – If you’re gonna use anamorphic bokeh and blue line flares, please use the lens flare as well. it’s just unrealistic otherwise (yes, i know it’s a film about robots!)

Second – Enough with the Apple references.

Third – Enough with everyone claiming it’s political.

Fourth – This film, despite everyone’s raving and craziness, will not change the world.

Fifth – Edit. Cut. Do we need twenty minutes of space dancing? do we need ten minutes of “you have shut down with a plant you stole inside you and I will stand by you because I love you, see, i am here with you, in the rain and lightning, forever…”

Sixth – I love Sigourney Weaver.

Finally – In the future we will be animated. The present day people are human. In the future we become fat, boneless and animated. Why? It’s just weird. I get what you’re saying but to take a couple hundred lazy people back to Earth and expect them to recolonize?

Actually, it wasn’t bad. Better than Cars, but how could it not be. But Pixar needs to decide if they are making fun family films or are they gonna try for the next Lawrence of Arabia or Departed. It’s a film this full of itself that makes me want to watch The Little Mermaid and just get away from it all and have a little fun.