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Was sitting here this morning, drinking my coffee, wondering how I would feel if I were to get to make Detox and it ended up going straight-to-DVD. Would I be happy that I got to make the film? Would I be upset it never played in a theatre? Does a DTV-release mean I made a lesser film? Is it better to not worry about having it go into the theatres, all the prints or drives for exhibition, and just be happy to see it on a screen if it makes it into a festival?

Could I be happy making films if I was making the same amount of money as I do now? If I had the same amount of recognition in film as I have now in design?

I think so. The idea of making the film is what makes me excited. I don’t think I ever expected fame and fortune. It would be nice; I wouldn’t fight it off.

Maybe I wouldn’t be able to get the budgets I need for some of the stories I have. Maybe I wouldn’t get some of the actors I’d like to work with if I didn’t have the budgets or the reputation. Maybe I wouldn’t make the kind of money I’d need to do some of the other things I’d like to do. But would I be happy doing it?

Or more importantly, would I not be disappointed if it ended up that way? I think I could deal with it. “The Bet” played on the big screen at CineVegas. That’s the only time I saw it (didn’t make it to ShockerFest) in a theatre. Then it went to DVD. I’m fine with that. In fact, at any time, I can rent a theatre, invite some friends and play it again.

There’s a lot of films I’ve only seen on DVD. Maybe they were foreign, or never played here, or I just missed them or went straight-to-DVD. I don’t think less of them (if they were good).

Yeah, I think I’d be okay with it. As long as it was good. And then, maybe I wouldn’t even be having this conversation.