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Yeah, I know that The Blair Witch Project is the most profitable film ever, but reading the numerous filmmaking blog I subscribe to, I gotta wonder why so many of the threads are about people who are making horror films?

Andm about that, read a post the other day that said if the company wanted to distribute the film, there should be blood and/or T&A in the first minute, and gore every every 7 minutes following. Really?

Fuck that.

You can pander to the netflix/Blockbuster/rental/impulse crowd that way, but have you really heard of or seen any “classic” – and by classic, i mean memorable, important, even Oscar nominated/winning film that followed that? Even on IMBd it doesn’t work. THX had it right, the audience IS listening. Through IMDb, rotten tomatoes, b-d, etc., people are listening AND they are talking.

Go check out some of the discussion on IMDb about Automaton Transfusion. Despite the rav critical review, the real people thought it (and it’s director), stunk. Why? Nothing new. Yet, these are the people that like the remakes.

What does it matter? I’m never gonna get the chance to make a feature-length film. I’m gonna be stuck in advertising my whole life and never again get to experience that absolute – I don’t even know what you’d call it, bliss? happiness? – thing that inspired me so much with “The Bet.”

Whatever. Fuck it.


After knowing that Christian Bale (from seeing Empire of the Sun some 20-odd years ago) was gonna be HUGE! and all the other actors I “picked”: winona ryder, michelle pfeiffer (in Grease 2), uma thurman and keanu reeves (in Dangerous Liaisons), just wait for everyone to know and love
The Cat with Hands.”

Really, I should give it up?
After getting the good reviews and the “Expect great things of Dunn” – City Life… and all those similar sentiments?


But “art” costs money. And dream are, apparently, reserved for that time when we’re sleeping. Not to intrude into real-life where bills and war and suckage dominate.

Sorry got a bit sidetracked. Keep reading how people tend to get their start from horror. Matthew McConaughey and Renee Zellweger in TCM-The Next Generation. Or Jennifer Aniston in Leprechaun. All those stories, yet, horror is STILL a forbidden ground.

Fuck that.