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With any luck, in January of ’09, I’ll be shooting a new short film. If the script comes together. If there’s money. If the SAG paperwork goes through in time. If I can get it all together and going before the end of January when my free equipment goes away.

Of course, as usual, I’m not giving away anything. I’ll say this, though: it is definably horror (oh yes, there will be blood), it will have SAG actors (part of getting ready for a feature), it will have nudity (yes, really), it will (maybe) be scary (hopefully), it will have Silent Hill homages (duh!) and it will fucking rock!

My goal is to have it done before March 2009; that’ll get it into consideration for CineVegas. But the real goal here is just to make another damn film, short or feature. It’s too damn much fun to not do again.