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There have been some rumblings about the ending being “tacked on.” I, myself, really liked the ending and, being stubborn, didn’t want to lose a lot of the elements that appeared there. It was a decidedly thrilling ending, but I’ve had this feeling that it didn’t really fit. I realised this fully as I was writing the synopsis. All was fine until I got to the conclusion and it became clear the ending really wasn’t working. But changing it meant it became less of a horror-thriller and more of a disturbing drama – which I’m okay with. My fear was (and still is) that it wouldn’t have the viscerally satisfying ending that I thought audiences would want. I’ve seen enough (not all – I’ve given up on him) of M Night’s films to hate investing two hours only to walk out feeling let down. But I think we’re onto something that may be both harmonious to the rest of the story and satisfying – though in a much different way.

Again, I’m being horribly vague, but I don’t want to let the cat outta the bag – especially when the cat may not be a cat at all.

Either way, the poster is still gonna rock!