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Not sure if I’ve mentioned already that I’m doing the marketing materials (website, AFM email campaign, EPK, postcards, etc) for the independent film A Lonely Place for Dying (link opens IMDb page). In exchange for the work, I’m receiving 2 participation points (and as a special “thank you” the director is also giving me free rental of a 3-ton truck for 3 weeks – awesome!). Yes, I’m playing the points game. But the way his business plan is setup is rather genius. I just hope he likes what I do.

Also, I just won an eBay bid on Eraserhead masks to promote the 1980 midnight screenings. Whee! I love/hate eBay. I wish I didn’t know it existed. But at the same time I love that I can actually own the stuff I dream about. You might’ve read my posts about the Alien stuff. Well, I am now wondering how retarded and useless it would be to list “The Bet” on eBay – even possibly an autographed DVD. Yeah, kinda lame. But who knows, at $25, maybe someone would buy it. Makes me wonder if and when we actually make a feature, how much crap could I unload on eBay to actually get our money back? Get the cast to sign 10 scripts and sell those at $25/each? Who knows what kind of props we may end up using/making. Costumes (buy a shirt for $17, use it in the film and now it’s a “prop” and toss it up on eBay for $50. Especially if worn by a “celebrity.”

I dunno. Part of me so absolutely loves that whole world of props and autographed memorabilia, but I can’t see anyone ever being interested in anything we might ever do. I can’t even believe people are buying the DVD. Still, it’s pretty cool to think someone I’ve never met, never will meet, owns the DVD. And how much cooler when someone actually bids on and wins something from the actual film?

If I wasn’t a crazy obsessive freak who is a huge fanboy himself, I’d list the shackles The Girl wore in “The Bet.” Or even the puppets, Donnie and Maree. But even at $1000, I’d rather own them myself. I’ve actually held onto quite a bit of shit from “The Bet” – the puppets, the shackles, I’ve got the numbers from Henry’s door, the red square from the end of the hallway, the gag and binds used on The Girl, James’ watch, Henry’s chair, the clocks (a lot of clocks), a bagful of origami angels, the TV, some of the books from the shelves… not to mention a number of drafts of the script and notes on it and all sorts of paperwork and such from the film, including the storyboards and shit. I’d maybe be able to list and ask and maybe get a bid on $5 for the lot of it all. But, like I said, it’d take something massive to get me to part with all of it.

Embarrassing as it is, I actual was thinking about the props/wardrobe/items from Detox and the punishment cabinet and what they would be. Pretty dorky, eh? Detox would have, again, the binds and gags and restraints used on Julia, The Watchman’s mask/wardrobe (very awesome), Matt’s various t-shirts/wardrobe, there’d probably be a number of props/posters used to decorate the house, oooh – the syringe… might be about it. Even less on the punishment cabinet. Then again, writing “The Bet,” I figured we’d have the puppets and that’d be it. So, who knows. Especially on a feature film.