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As soon as we get draft 5 into a very, very nice place, which i am aiming to have it wrapped up by the end of June, we’ll be submitting it to both the WGA and copyright office for the obvious copyright protection. Then it’ll be heading off to the Wildsound screenplay competition. Why there? They offer full feedback on every script entered. Which is what we want. At this point, I don’t see us winning anything. I just want some good, solid, industry feedback before heading into draft 6. So why copyright it before it’s “finished?” Any changes after draft 5 are going to be fairly superficial, I think, and close enough that that initial protection should hold.

Additionally, the script is being broken down to facilitate budgeting. Plus, a temporary treatment has been written (pending changes) which is fairly bare bones. Same with character breakdowns. This will be worked on while draft 5 gets its feedback from Wildsound.

Moving forward. Slowly. But purposefully.