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UPDATE: Two new votes popped up which have brought the overall score UP to 2.4. Thanks to whoever it was that voted. Too bad the “real” votes aren’t counting like they should. An arithmetic mean of 8.2 and a “weighted average” of 2.4. At least it’s going up.

So I’m asking again. IF you’ve seen “The Bet” please, PLEASE, go to IMDb and/or Amazon and leave some feedback. Write a review, make a comment, rate, something. I honestly don’t care if it’s a good or bad review or comment, as long as it’s honest. And if you DO have some stake in the film, don’t hide it, call it out.

If you saw my previous post about the IMDb rating discrepancy, you can understand why I want “real” voices and not just numbers on the pages for “The Bet.” As an independent filmmaker, it shouldn’t matter what the “masses” say, but when one low rating has such a detrimental effect on the overall score, something’s amiss. The “masses” aren’t speaking, someone else is. And it’ll hurt me (and the others this has happened to) in my career. Who’s gonna want to work for someone who’s sole film has a 2.2 rating? And trying to get a feature off the ground, I need all the positive reinforcement possible.

Besides, I’d rather see an actual written review/comment than a cursory numeric rating any day.

It only takes a minute to sign up and they never spam. Please. Go. Rate. Comment. PLEASE.