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EDIT: Apparently, I’m not the only one hit with a sudden 1-star vote that drastically lowered the overall rating. Over at Without a Box’s FORUM, a number of people are reporting their independent films were hit with the past month with a 1-star rating which dropped their film’s score way below what that one vote should have. I don’t know (nor do the other posters) what’s afoot, but letters to IMDb have met basically deaf ears. What’s the deal?

I value people’s opinions. I do. And this post isn’t about whomever it was that voted 1 star (out of 10) on “The Bet” IMDb page. This post is how that one vote dropped the average from 9.1 stars to 3.2 stars. One vote out of 17.

I get their weighted averages and all that, but doesn’t it seem unusual that one vote has that much effect? I mean, really, this is America, after all. Votes don’t mean anything.