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Today was one of those days I rarely get to experience. After a week and half of the most horrific neck and shoulder pain, last night was the first night I actually slept really good. At least until 2:30 this morning. I got up, partly cos I was hot, partly because I needed more Advil, but mostly because I wanted to watch the latest Netflix arrival, a film starring Gillian Anderson and a recent discovery (and my new favorite accent) Danny Dyer. The film was Closure and it didn’t exactly suck, but it was certainly lacking… something. I was back in bed at about 4 and woke up again at 8:15.

I got up.

It’s been threatening spring for a few weeks now and today, hanging in the low 70’s, was certainly still not spring-like. But I had gotten up, made coffee, fixed the pool sweep and rearranged the patio furniture and couldn’t help but take the coffee outside and just chill in the rocking seat, feet propped up on the fire pit while a too-cool breeze warmed slowly over the next hour as I drank my coffee.

Then I turned on the lap top. I decided that if I couldn’t write, I’d head to the store and get a new pillow to hopefully help with overcoming the neck and shoulder issues that have plagued me. But I started tapping away and, over the next two hours, added about ten pages (of really good stuff) to the punishment cabinet.

Then the wife and I ran off (leaving the kids at home with Nana) and caught Run, Fatboy, Run before a dinner out. The film was predictable and a bit too bland, with (ironically) the British elements adding the only spice. Simon Pegg is great (duh), but Dylan Moran stole the film. It’s the first comedy we’ve seen in the theatres since, heck, probably The Full Monty.

So it was a good day, just like those bits I added to start of the script. A good day. I just hope it doesn’t need to balance out the way it does in the script.