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There are ways to let others know your feelings about “The Bet.” You can go to any one (or more) of the following outlets for your thoughts. And believe me, I’m not going to whine if I see a post that says, “That movie was teh sux0r, wasup wit the Pupptz?” I know they are doofs. If I see one that says, “The film felt a bit preachy at the point where the one guy says, ‘Never knew the news would be a rerun,’ which I thought was out of place.” Okay. I can deal with that. If you didn’t get it, fine. If you hated it, fine. I can deal. So… please go and share your thoughts (and needless to say, seeing something like “Teh direction wuz teh roxx0r!!1!” will be loved regardless. heh. I’m shallow like that).

Remember, if you liked it, it’ll help convince others to buy it. If you hated it, others won’t.

Places to share your thoughts:

The Rubbersquare Forum