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If you said “Tyler Who?” you are forgiven because I only just recently (about 10 minutes ago) discovered him and fell in love. The line work is just so… amazing. I hate that Quentin Tarantino tapped him for all those QTFest posters (and hate him more for having his OWN FESTIVALS!!!). Damn my unfamousness!

I just know that his art style would translate so amazingly to a tattoo (even though my tattoo god has moved to France – fucker! – no one has done it quite like he has. Luc Zietek COME BACK!!!!). Man am I jonesing for new ink.

It’s like Mike Mignola (whom I love) fucked an Etch-A-Sketch and their love child went to a few too many concerts at a young age. Well, whatever, I’d do just about ANYTHING to get him to do something for a tattoo. Damn I need some new ink. Maybe Detox should be about a guy who can’t afford a new tattoo and goes crazy. Yeah. Ink withdrawal. Ooh, the needles and the sounds and that gentle scratching itchy feeling as the needles inject the ink beneath the skin. Is it wrong to love it?

Go to his SITE. Love it. Buy it. Convince him to help me.