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Soiled Sinema has reviewed “The Bet,” calling it “Abstract and Beautiful.”

Soiled Sinema was one of the sites I mentioned previously to whom I’d submitted a screener and said to check them out before I hated them for giving the film a bad review. Well, worry not.

“The Bet” unfolds like a magnificent eclipse of the cinematic kind. Wonderful and abrasive, director Michael Dunn ensures that you will be entertained and be thinking in a wider manner. If you are looking for a headscrew of a short film, look no further. “The Bet” does in its under 20-minute runtime, what “art-house” filmmakers have been trying to do for decades. The film is an entirely open film, perfect for discussion and analysis.

Click the link above to read the full review. And check out the rest of their site while you’re there.