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After getting some constructive feedback from Kurt Rauf and my being absolutely insane to get back into it, I got back into conversations with Chris Smith about the Detox script. Kurt’s comments were, basically, the central story of a woman being detoxed by her partially insane ex-boyfriend was really good. What lacked was the framework that put them in that situation. And I had to agree.

So after I brainstormed six possible “frameworks,” Chris and I met for lunch on Thursday and he had a great way to start the film, to set up the story, and I, about halfway through lunch, almost jumped out of my seat when the lightbulb kicked on and an awesome ending popped into my head. A little thought on both and I’m headed down the path of getting draft 4 keyed in.

It became simpler, while becoming more complex. And darker despite it’s levity.

I’m excited about it and like where it’s going. I just wish I had the time to really sit down and explore it and get it written out.