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I do have to appreciate some of the stuff he does. Things I’ve fantasized about doing since I was ten. So, check out this MySpace Bulletin. You have to log into MySpace to see it. For those who don’t have MySpace accounts or don’t want to log in, here’s the gist:

The owner of the [New Beverly Cinema] died very suddenly last fall, and Edgar Wright, myself, and a few other directors volunteered to program 2 weeks each to help keep the cinema alive. Many of these films are not on DVD (or are heavily edited) and are rarely, if ever, screened publicly. Also if you are a blogger if you could mention the festival it would really help the theater out. Between the Silent Movie Theater and the New Beverly Cinema there’s an amazing revival scene happening in Los Angeles and we want as many fans as possible to know there’s an alternative to the multiplex every night of the week.

You can check out the calendar HERE