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I don’t like his films. I don’t like him. He’s an asstard. A pretentious fuck wipe. There’s maybe jealousy or envy, but only because he made a crap film and another crap film, oh, and another really crap film and whined when it bombed, and people still know who he is. Fewer people know who Uwe Boll is and he’s maybe slightly more talented or at least less douchebaggy. At least Uwe Boll never showed up in guyliner and a fake penis. Really?!? And Uwe Boll’s not icky enough to parade himself on the shitty “On the Lot.” Uwe Boll invites his critics to box. Eli Roth… um, he sucks. I just don’t like the way he presents himself nor do I like his films. Hitchcock did what Roth attempts to do with class. Imagine Kubrick posing with a fake penis. Hell, I’d do it for real if I become famous. Fuck the prosthetics (nicely done by KNB), I’ll bare it all if I become famous. I have nothing to hide. Most of all my talent.