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So, I’m this close to getting the collection of short stories and poems ready for sale. This is my first publish-on-demand endeavor, but seeing the quality of their products, I was amazed. So I decided to collect most of my short stories and poems, including “The Bet” and lay them out in an awesome paperback back. It’ll be just over 8″ x 5″ and will be totally cool. There’s over 30 short stories and poems and (at last count) over 240 pages. It’ll be great so stayed tuned here for updates on when it’ll be ready to buy – hopefully in about 2 weeks. Oh, about the “buying” part, I’m looking at about $16 or so per copy… totally worth it.

By the way, the above cover art is not final and may change, so if you wanna bitch or comment, do it now before it does become final.