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“The Bet” is now available through AMAZON! Although it is currently listing at $16.99, that should be adjusted shortly to be $12.99. Not sure why this is so exciting, but really kinda is.

Well, I guess it’s cool that people can actually review it (I will not post fake reviews and encourage others to be honest – not that you can’t review it or review it favourably, but say who you are or at least your connection) and it could come up as a “People who bought this, also bought this” thing.

The only issue is that we get a slightly lower return on each sale, so if you’re recommending it to someone, have them buy it through Film Baby. Plus, Film Baby collects the email addresses from the buyers, which helps grow the database for future product.

But I would encourage you to check it out. Write a review, but be honest and ethical. And spread the word!

The other thing that’s interesting is that through Amazon, it has been enrolled in the Content Acquisition Program – “CAP connects media companies searching for new talent with the thousands of Advantage vendors selling their products on Amazon. As an Advantage vendor and a holder of rights for books, music, or movies, you can select which titles you want in the CAP program and we will include those titles in interactive reports viewed by acquisition editors of media companies, including industry-leading publishers, labels, and studios.” Who knows.