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EDIT: Not really sure if this thing is working or not. I’ve tried posting it to my MySpace page and it says it works, but doesn’t show up. I’ve been able to email it to myself and I’ve been able to post it to MySpace comments. Gonna keep playing. If you have a go at it and it works (or doesn’t) let me know.

So, Cloverfield is going nuts in the viral marketing arena. I figured I could snag a bit of their marketing chutzpah by making a widget. The widgets are great because you can share them. Click and get the menu to grab the code for nearly any social site (like MySpace or Facebook) or email it or grab the code and put it on a website.

This is just a temporary one to see if this really works. I’ll be working on the AWESOME one tonite with the trailer and link to buy the DVD.