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I spent the weekend flowing between a number of projects: wrapping Christmas presents (yes, that’s creative), working out a remix of “Hallway” (yes, I am obsessed), deciding that the motel version of the script for Detox isn’t gonna work and trying to get back in and adjust the house version to become the “mean” version and trying to figure out what the fuck to do now, then, whatever, whenever I have free time. I think, maybe, I’m trying to divert my attention from the fact that in two days, I’ll be accepting a shipment of 12 boxes, probably one of them filled with awesome limited edition t-shirts with Donnie & Maree slik-screened flipping the bird. The rest… hopefully working DVDs of “The Bet.” I say “hopefully” because I am TERRIFIED that they won’t work. Once that delivery gets to work and I rip it open in wild abandon and grab the first victim, err, DVD and stuff it in the computer there are two options: A) it works, and I do an actual flip and mail them off to be sold online and scream and yell and promote the hell out of it and make a mabillion bucks (okay, the last bit may not happen) or B) it’s shit, and I spend the rest of the day trying to make it right. Either way, the adrenaline will be a-pumpin’.