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In case you care, which you probably don’t, but this is about one month since I’ve decided to shun the shaver and go all mountain man. Still a fairly sad follicular response, but I’m giving it a go still. Besides, despite the horoscope* my wife read from the current issue of InStyle, nothing’s really changed. So the beard stays. I may attempt to groom the scraggle, but I’m keeping it. At least a little while longer.

*I don’t believe in them nor live my life by them, but there have been a few fairly prophetic and specific horoscopes the past few months. Maybe I’m grasping at any straw, even cosmic ones. Here’s the gist of the latest:

It’s no secret that you worked hard through much of last year [2007], even when your friends were living it up. That effort and drive will pay off this year [2008] when your ability to make money is stronger than ever.

EDIT: post “groom”: