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So I was reading The Great and Secret Show by Clive Barker because it’s totally awesome, and then I can segue into Everville, its sequel. Anyway, if you remember my previous post about not shaving unless something awesome happens… well here’s a little snippet from the end of the third chapter:

Forty-eight hours later, drunk in an alleyway in Sante Fe, he made two momentous decisions. One, that he’d keep the beard he’d grown in the last few weeks, as a reminder of his search. Two, that every wit he possessed, every hint of knowledge he’d gained about the occult life of America, every iota of power his astral eyes lent him, would go to the possessing of the Art… and that only when he’d got it would he once again show his face unshaven.

Just thought that was awesome timing to come across that again, and what it says about “the Art” which in the books is one thing and for my purposes, another.