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Just winding down on the third draft of Detox (which is technically the first completed draft) and it kept nagging at me that it needed something. I knew what that something was, namely more commercial horror elements, but wasn’t really sure if they’d work in the context of the script. Well, I just went through the whole thing, and, apparently, it may just work.

For every negative there was in changing things, there was a positive. And every single one of the negatives were relatively easily remedied. And there were some really, really awesome things that could be integrated into the new draft. So, I think I may embark on draft 4 (“lucky” number 4) by seeing if I can incorporate the
changes and make it work. If not, I go back to draft 3 and move from there.

Detox – teaser trailer

But the more I think about it, the upped atmosphere of the new direction is well worth the effort. Definitely ramps up the creepy factor on all levels. And really pushes that line between thriller and horror more to the horror side (which is all good by me), while still keeping the integrity of the drama of the relationship (hopefully).

I think draft 4 is gonna be a winner.