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I like it. I have eschewed the razor (well, technically I haven’t shaved in over a year, favoring instead the beard trimmer to take the sad growth down to a relatively acceptable length) for the past two weeks. I can’t say if it looks good. In fact, it probably doesn’t, but I pretty much don’t care. I can’t wear shorts (as much as I want to – and may still just to be obstinate – in this unnecessarily cold weather), so this is my last resort at nonconformism. Sure, I could do the mohawk, but that’d be even sadder than the beard, considering the Rogain-defiant zone known as my head. Tattoos? Got ’em (and god do I jones for more). What’s left?

Women have makeup. Men have facial hair. And I’m gonna be goddamn Tammy Faye Baker.

The thing that sucks is that A) i’m blonde, so what i do grow head or face (or, well) is pretty difficult to see anyway and B) it’s very thin, so what does grow and can be seen, is doing a sad job of covering real estate and C) it’s starting to itch.

I figure until something REALLY awesome comes along, I won’t shave (or trim). It’s like Travis Barker and his job killer. To a lesser degree.


Worst case, my wife won’t kiss me.