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Revolt of teh interwebs
5 More pages on Detox
Loving Van Gogh

Yes, I added another 5 pages to Detox. Since teh interwebs were not working at the house yesterday (despite 45 minutes on the phone with Cox – such great double meaning there – I still couldn’t get it to play nice. Then, I chilled and went through it on my own and got it working again. Hello Interwebs), since that was going on I had little else to do on my b-day but watch The Host which was… odd. Not bad. Just odd. And write a few connector scenes (one of which is so purely perfect and amazing, I can’t believe it took until now to get it in there) on Detox. And watched some of Vincent and Theo. Partly cos I love Tim Roth and partly to hear the line that without fail (yesterday included) turns me into a blubbering fool. Vincent, arguing with his brother, Theo, an art dealer, that none of his paintings are selling (mmm, shivers) yells “Don’t you tell me there’s no market for my work!” It hit me someplace painfully deep the first time I heard that way back in like 1990 and it hits just a strongly (if not moreso in light of the mixed response to “The Bet” – and what I’m sure will be an equally polarised (hopefully) response to Detox – not to mention the impending sale of the DVD) now. On the one hand I love it. I never wanted to make a film that was, as Matt Wilkinson says, met with the response of a shrug. At the same time, I don’t want to never be able to make another film because this one wasn’t commercial and easily categorized. I’ll forgo the million dollar paychecks to make my films the way I want them – however that may be.