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And the film that could/should/will come of it. I’ve got a playlist with what could be (with different musicians) a rather interesting soundtrack album. I’ve begun compiling visual references that will come in handy with the subsequent rewrites. Basically, everything that happened with “The Bet” the few months or so before we shot it, is happening now with Detox.

Another thing that I’ve been noticing is my newfound fascination with retro horror. The Prophecy was on the other day (well, I watched in on DVR the other day), and forgot how much I LOVED that film. The way the angels prop up on things (the one shot of Christopher Walken on the chair, with his toes slightly pointed together is just amazing). Another (not so much horror) film I caught recently was Crash – the Cronenberg one not the crap recent one – and for all its flaws it makes it clear what makes the unusual film work. Oh, also War of the Roses. This is one of the films that really shaped my visual style, oddly enough. There’s the flip off wine glass “ting” (you’d know it if you saw the film). And there’s the shot where Michael Douglas, who has been locked in the sauna, is set free and, as he falls to the ground, we get his POV of Kathleen Turner (I miss her!) ascending the stairs, even as the camera turns upside down to match his position. This was, unconsciously, what I was doing with The Girl’s POV in “The Bet” when James goes to the table. Apparently just older films in general have been on my mind (and DVR).