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Yes, I am jonesing for a tattoo. My last one was in January of aught6. Almost two years. Sure I currently have six. But if you have more than 2, you surely want more than 20.

There are a few problems: a) they cost money. And while my wife said I could take $500 from our tax return to go towards more ink, the world always seems to have another plan for any promised cash.

b) I’m not sure what to get. Even though I’m actually so far into the jones that I’d actually just pay some guy to do whatever the hell he wants, just to get another tattoo, if you know me, you know I could never do that. Just the same, I reeaally want a tattoo. I would be willing to get some random weirdness on my butt cheek, where only the inner circle would see it. Or even my calf. I have nice calves. I wouldn’t mind getting a goofy bit of flash on one of them. Actually, I may have to go for the calf or ass because I may need to test out a new artist because…

c) I haven’t heard from my last tattoo artist since, well, my last tattoo. And while I worship the ink that comes from his gun (and NO that is not a euphemism), I am kinda worried about a few things. Still, the dude was AWESOME with the damn Alien tattoo.

I’m still not even sure where the next one will go. A big part of me want to get my head tattooed, but I have NO idea what I’d put up there. There’s the back piece, but there’s SO much that’s going on there, I’m really not ready to tackle that. And, of course, there’s the Pyramid Head companion piece to the Alien tattoo. But, well, I don’t know. I’m so horribly indecisive.

I think, at this point, I may just pay to have them run the needle over my skin without the ink. Yeah, I’m THAT crazy for the feeling.