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Ok, apparently cleansing the other script from my head did good.

I sat down at the computer this morning around 9. At about 10:30 I actually stopped fooling around with various distractions, like getting the printer to work through AirPort and got to the script. Detox gained about 13 pages and WOW! are they some good additions. Actually, there’s a little more because a few chunks came out that weren’t really doing anything. There’s still a few holes, but only because it goes from morning to night in an edit, but that could just be my need to see what’s going on ALL THE TIME which, in a script spanning a week, it’s impossible to show every freakin’ second of what’s going on.

At any rate, I am pretty fuckin’ pleased with where it is now. There’s some weak points. Some slow bits. But there’s also a really lot of good shit goin’ on.