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…that I want a camera slate for my birthday?

I mean, really, what says MOVIE more than a movie slate? that is so iconic. And yet, filming “The Bet,” we didn’t have one. We tried to use a dry-erase board we found in the school, but it sucked. The next weekend Kara bought a dry-erase board, but it, too, sucked. By the third weekend, we didn’t even try. I think by the third weekend, Kurt had even given up signaling takes with his fingers in front of the lens.

What’s funny is that, in the way early days of getting ready to shoot the film, the one thing I thought was gonna be so cool was seeing my name on the slate as DIRECTOR!!!! (dog cocks added for emphasis). And there was never a slate. I had thought about getting a slate for the music video, bit, well, everything was rushed by that time. And now I know if another directing gig should happen to pop up (oh, there are a bunch looming) that I still won’t have a slate. Still no dry-erase marker temporarily stating that I, ME, MICHAEL DUNN, is the director. No easy way of tagging takes and shots and scenes.

It’s only $56 at FILMTOOLS. Maybe someone cares? Maybe if I cry a little and make a sad face and puppy dog anime eyes? Maybe if I promise to repay the $$$ just because I know you care.

My birthday is the 22 of november. That’s Thanksgiving. And Christmas is coming up, too.

Just a hint for someone who’s easy to buy for.