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So, I’m all ready to dive back into Detox, but then one of the ideas that i was mulling before tackling that script came rumbling back. It’s a much more typical horror script, lots of scares and blood and even a supernatural element. Something far more commercial than Detox probably is. So I let it run around in my head to see where it went.

This morning I finally found out where it was going and was underwhelmed. What I wanted it to be, well, it didn’t quite get there. It did, in a way, but not really. How’s that for vague? I think I’ll set it aside (well, the thought anyway) and go back to Detox. After all, I’ve got 86 pages on that one, probably better to tie it up before I get sidetracked on the other one.

I think the cause for the distraction is that Detox is so involved with the characters being very complex and there not being much plot. It makes it a much more interesting script, but also more challenging to write. Whereas this other one is much more fun (in a horror kind of way) and seems much easier to tackle. At least on the surface.

So my point? Writing’s hard.