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So, after figuring out the breakdown of how much the DVDs cost to make and how much the film cost to make, we just need to sell 800 copies to break even. Just. Only. ugh. In one sense 800 doesn’t seem like all that many, when you compare it to Hollywood standards. But in our world of independent distribution, 800 is a HUGE number. Oh well, not like they need to sell in any given time. It could take five years, maybe ten. Either way, it’ll be nice to get the film out there for people to see. That’s what it was all about anyway. The return on what we spent is just a bonus, at least monetarily. There are other kinds of returns, like people seeing it. And people liking it. That’s already born some fruit by way of the reviews the film has gotten. For me, having a reviewer say the film is “Enigmatic” or “Intriguing” or “Twisted” or “Engrossing” or any of the dozens of other adjectives is way more of a payoff than cash. And for the casual filmgoer to enjoy it is worth even more.