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Ironic, isn’t it, that just as the Writers Guild goes on strike, I gear up to attack the script for Detox head on. Of course, I’m not union, so it doesn’t really matter; I’m not breaking any rules. I just thought it was kinda funny.

And speaking of the script, thus far I’m at 86 untamed pages, heading into the second (or third, depending how you look at it) draft. Everything from draft one has been reordered and reorganised to both more closely follow a realistic withdrawal timeline and to also keep the tension, well, tense. Now Chris and I are going to go through and layer in the good stuff. It could be like lasagna. Maybe more like a 7-layer burrito. Either way, now is where we start adding in all the subtexts and symbols and all the other “s” words that brought depth to “The Bet” – if there is any depth in that one, but you get my drift.

Either way, it’s a relief that, after plowing through the DVD to get back the script, I don’t have to join a picket line. Although it is nice weather out there.