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So, I realised this morning early, like 6am, when I awoke with that too-much-garlic taste in my mouth (which apparently I smelled as well), that although I had finally snagged the Greatest Hits version of Silent Hill 2 (which has the Born from a Wish scenario where you can be Maria) over two years ago, I’d never actually played the new scenario. Do, after making my coffee and checking my email I, having resigned the day to nothing since we’ve got Monday off, settled into the game room couch and started up the game. It sucked. But that’s not the point. After I finished it, my elder son wanted to know what the other game was (they both had seen me play it way back about 3 years ago or so) and so I started a new game of the regular version.

Silent Hill 2 is, without question, one of those few things that just make me giddy. The look. The sound. The story. The symbolism. Everything. I adore that game. When I hit the first save point in Born from a Wish I actually got goofy just knowing that that same red square had a place of honor in my short film, “The Bet.”

I ended up playing from about 9am-4pm. Yes. Really. And at 4, it was more I was tired of worrying that the kids (who’d slowly started paying more and more attention to the game) would be up all night with nightmares than that I was tired of playing. It was the first time in, well, probably 3 years that I’d actually sat down and played a video game for any length of time.

And when I was done playing, what ran through my head? “What a wasted day.”

But it wasn’t.

I needed a day of absolutely unusefullness just to clear away the constant do-do-do that I’d been plagued with the past year and a half. With the film, the dvd, the music video… all of it. A constant GO! And today was a refreshing NO!

I have a feeling tomorrow I’ll get the first tickling to head back into the Detox script. And as soon as I start to get that mmmMMMM feeling of writing it, it’ll be time to get the kids into the shower/bath, for me to shave and get ready to get into bed myself so I can rise bright and ready for work. Ugh.

Why is it that any extended time off only results in wishing there was just a little more time?