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Well, the DVD master and artwork files went out in the mail today. Priority mail (just cos I wanted them there Tuesday, but may still get there Wednesday). Which means, in about 3 weeks, I’ll have 1,000 – that’s ONE THOUSAND!!! – copies of “The Bet” DVD ready to sell. I should feel exonerated, but more I feel exhausted. I still have a few task to deal with regarding the whole “The Bet” chapter of my life. And even as it winds down to a close, I feel, more than anything… sad. Yeah. Really.

Driving home from work today the disc of 100-some songs I currently have stuffed in the player happened upon the closing credits from “The Bet.” The part, at the bridge, where what was dubbed as the “swingset” – that squeaky sound that starts off the film – when that came on, I actually welled up, remembering what it was like watching it at CineVegas and knowing that THAT sound would forever signal the beginning of my directorial debut. Very Pavlovian of me, I know. But… fuck it.

So, keep an eye out (not that you’d miss the ubiquitous postings on any available outlet) for the DVD release and info with it and all that.