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You can’t please everyone, nor would I ever try. But it seems Bruce Campbell (yes, THAT Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead and Brisco County Jr. fame) wasn’t overwhelmed by the film. A few weeks ago, director of photography, Kurt Rauf, took an early release of the DVD (with a printed image of Donnie & Maree flipping the bird and the proclamation that it was a “Super Duper, Limited Edition, One-of-a-kind, Only for Bruce Campbell and nobody else Special Pre-Release Copy” – or something like that) up to Oregon where he and Bruce were shooting an anti-logging documentary. Apparently he didn’t quite “get it,” which I told Kurt would have made an interesting quote for the DVD cover. His other comment was that he preferred a three-act structure and that it may have been interesting if Henry’s room changed each time you came in, like something had altered, adding to the surrealism (which would have been an intriguing touch). He said it was an impressive first film, so I figure it wasn’t a total wash. Not that I was (really) expecting him to love it and do some sort of magic that would get it seen by important people who would suddenly throw cash my way to do more work. But, well, there you have it.