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Nothing says “That’s a wrap!” like flipping off the director. Saturday was the last of the interviews with Kurt Rauf, the director of photography, and the three leads, Lou Diamond, Courtney Stavros and Walt Turner.

Now to get them all edited together in a coherent fashion that’s fun to watch and that’ll be done. That’s Monday’s task.

I took the week off work to get this bugger finished. On Tuesday, gonna wrap up the music video, with Wednesday (HALLOWEEN) dedicated to getting everything dropped onto the disc to test which will probably spill over to Thursday. Assuming there will be some glitches or what-have-you. And by Monday it’ll be done, including the sleeve and DVD as well as extra special, super duper, limited edition, Donnie & Maree t-shirts that are going to get printed with the DVDs. Stay tuned for the artwork on that.