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We wrapped the video shoot (part one) last night about 11:30. I can’t imagine how Justine feels. I was just standing around going, “more ragdoll-y” “eyes up” “chin down” while she had to waltz with Walt (heh) in about a 5-square-foot area. Not to mention the corset. We scrapped a few shots for time, but, in all, what we got yesterday looked absolutely stunning.

We’ve got a few shots to grab today, just the still-life inserts (like the shackles and a tv playing the film) to intercut with the singing and dancing (and Walt’s creepy reprisal of his James role from the film). My wife’s had it with me working on the stuff for the DVD (and the film in general) and I guess I can understand a little. At the same time, I also don’t. But, well, whatever.

Soon. Done. The sleep.