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Today Chris Smith and I recorded our writers’ commentary, followed by me on the director’s commentary. Let me tell you, a 20-minute film flies by when you’re talking about it. Chris and I were going on and on and I looked up and realised we were near the end and thought we’d only just begun.

Same with my director’s commentary, although I tried to rush through to not run out of time and would realise I missed this and that along the way. Then just froze when I realised I’d covered everything I wanted to talk about and just stopped for about a minute before rambling on again. Eek. Short film commentary… YIKES!

Did get some good stuff in the interview with sound designer John McClain. Hopefully I’ll be able to edit the interviews in a cohesive manner. Starting to worry about getting it all done, but, hey, it’s GOTTA get done. So stop whining!