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Yes, the Super 8 (or, technically the Super 16 since that’s more of what it looks like) version of “The Bet” will be included on the DVD… twice. After going back through and deciding it didn’t really look convincing, I popped in my Eraserhead and Pi DVDs and basically matched the look of those, dulling the whites to a grey and blurring the entire thing just a bit. I also reformatted everything from 2.40:1 ratio to a 1:85:1 ratio.

But that’s not all. Liking the high contrast look of the original test (like was shown previously on the blog), I reformatted that look to a 1.33:1 ratio and will include that version as an Easter egg somewhere on the DVD (if it will fit).

No screen caps, sorry. You’ll have to buy the DVD to see how it turned out.