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Before we made “The Bet,” I would re-edit commercials we’d shot, or other peoples’ films or what-have-you just to have some fun. Now that we’ve shot “The Bet,” I have something original to play with. And play with, I have.
Possibly to be included on the DVD is the “Super 8 Version” of “The Bet.” I couldn’t help myself. Just a few tweaks and such and it looks like the film was shot on Super 8. Why would I do such a thing when the look of the film has been so widely praised? Because I can. And because I personally love the look of Super 8.
Eraserhead. Pi. Even the photography of Jeff Bridges and Anton Corbjin – it all has that grainy, contrasty, black and white look that reminds me of how I remember my dreams. So I figured, why not play with the filters and such and see what I can come up with to simulate the look. So I did, and, if it will fit without having to go to DVD-9, I think I’ll include it, maybe as an easter egg, on the DVD.