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I’m not going to complain about a bad review. I said from the beginning that as long as they made a valid case, I would not have an issue.

I’m not really sure if Moviebuffs‘ review is bad or not. They definitely had gripes with just about every element of the film, but there are some parts of it that makes me wonder if they had “got it” if they may have been more positive. Either way, the one bit I thought was just awesome was this: “The men are apparently both impotent since the woman still has her clothes on and other than being rather filthy does not seem to have been violated.” I guess had this been more like the films the reviewer suggests aren’t very good at the beginning of the review he might have liked it more. “We do not know who the victims are, how they got there or why those two hobos are committing acts of torture and mayhem. We do not know the purpose of the exercise either.”

Like I said, fine if you don’t like it; some of his points were valid. But it doesn’t bother me so much (like I feared a bad review would). Meh. Plenty of good reviews already.