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While the reviews have been downright glowing, the festivals seem to really not have taken a liking to “The Bet.” So far, we’re 1 for oh, about 10 now. We’ve submitted to mainstream, horror and underground fests around the country (and the world) and so far, the only fest that’s accepted has been CineVegas, which seems to have been a pity acceptance as part of the local filmmakers category. I don’t know if they don’t “get it” or if they do and don’t care. At least one fest, Sydney Underground, will provide a critique of the film (tho it will take a month or so). Curious why it’s being equilaterally ignored. I’m not saying I think it’s a monumentally important film, but I have to wonder why no one is accepting it. I can take the bad news with the good, tho the past week I tended to wallow in an odd depression, maybe more attributed to trying to write a new script, deal with the kids while the wife was away on a cruise, attempt to get a DVD made and ready for release, not mention… the day job.

So, despite the fact that Matt Wilkinson (producer of “The Bet”) has said (hopefully jokingly) that the next film should be filthy with sex and gore and nudity (which I absolutely refuse to do), I’m still feeling a bit happy. Watched a thing on IFC where David Lynch said Eraserhead wasn’t accepted into the first couple of festivals to which it was submitted (tho, look where it is now). And I have an absolute vigilant stance to not give in and make a dumb film for the sake of making some cash (as easy as it would be to through blood on tits and call it horror). We’ll see how long I can hold out. Not that I’m against bloody tits, as long as it’s part of the concept.