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two things to lift me from the unnecessary grumpiness i’ve been in the past week:

1. for some weird reason i’ve had the song “i’ve just seen a face” by the beatles stuck in my head, well i know it’s because it’s featured in the theatrical trailer for across the universe – but why i’ve become obsessed with it, i’m not sure. BUT! i was singing it tonite and i’m going “falling, yes i am falling, and she keeps calling…” and my 6-year-old is singing with me and finishes with “me back again.” so i ask how he knows the song (he’s on this odd beatles kick lately) and he says, “we saw the preview at the theatre. twice.” okay. so, my older son also saw the trailer twice, so i sing the same bit to hima nd ask what comes next and he says, “me?” when the little one says he forget to do his homework… um, yeah, you forgot?!?!

2. in high school there was this guy in my senior year creative class. he was cool. he wanted to make films. and i googled him every once in a while over the past couple years to no avail. tonite – why, i don’t know – i checked for him on my space. BINGO! there he was. and he’s writing screenplays. i hope he responds to the slightly psycho message i sent him. i don’t know why, but knowing he was out there, that he was actually writing scripts, just made me so fucking happy.

so. tomorrow’s friday. then the weekend. i’m not getting out of bed on saturday. maybe not even sunday. hell, i may never wake up. i’m just too exhausted.