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I’m starting to get worried. The backlash is going to happen at some point and I’m scared for when it actually happens. Gorehounds Unite! just posted their review of “The Bet” with 4.5 of 5 severed heads (gotta love the fun ratings!).

I started to expect the staple of todays horror which is the torture film to start at any moment! To my surprise and delight it never did but instead I got to watch a film that felt very much like a really good David Lynch film. I watched this film 4 times in a row and I can say its one of those films where you never really know whats going on but by the end you think you have all the answers. Only upon repeated viewings do you start to realize that maybe you really didn’t figure it out.

Of course, my personal favourite bit of the review is this: “Michael Dunn (will be) mentioned in the same breath as Cronenberg and Lynch. He’s that talented and this movie really is that good!

They did, however, not particularly like the Channel 4 newscast: “I know this was to show that were not in our reality here but I just found it to be more funny than anything…..It felt as though they added this in to specifically say this is a dreamlike realm or a different reality when really with the excellent set design and camera work this is already apparent to the viewer.” But that was really the only negative thing they had to say.

Can I get a “w00t!” Read the full review HERE.