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Still not done, but oh so close.

Basically plugged in as much of the climax as I knew. Still have quite a few holes and some stuff that needs serious work. In all, pretty much liking where it’s going. Chris is printing it out and marking it up with notes and such (or so he said). In the meantime, trying to fill in the gaps. Hope it doesn’t suck. Hope even more someone likes it enough to actually fund it.

Had some misc. thoughts as far as whom I picture in the roles. Helps to keep them clear in my head. Of course, it’d be awesome to do a full-fledged casting on this one, not just contact someone, meet them and decide from that. Doing commercials, that has been one of my favorite parts, the casting. I love finding talent.

Ahhh, to dream about actually filming a feature. Seems to unreal to even entertain the thought.